The Fat Burning Brain – Calcium The Secret Brain Booster and Fat Burner Thomas DeLauer

The Fat Burning Brain – Calcium, The Secret Brain Booster , and Fat Burner , Thomas DeLauer


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Foods That Can Increase Metabolism and Burn Belly Fat Effectively

Listed here are some of the best foods that boost metabolism for a flat stomach. Watch this video to flaunt your slim tummy soon.

This might sound too good to be true. But, trust me, you can eat your way towards a flat and sculpted belly. There are certain foods that can actually cause a spike in your metabolism. Further, it also helps in triggering the fat-burning hormones and in eliminating the toxins, which thereby helps you to lose weight.

With these foods, you can actually ditch your strict eating schedule and give an easy boost to your metabolic rate. The best part is, you can actually lose weight by just eating. Cool, isn’t it?

These specific foods can actually kick-start your calorie-burning process and put back your slow metabolism on track. Many people actually believe that metabolism is about the energy that your body burns. But it’s more than that and it also concentrates on the burning of the stubborn fat from your body.

Further, metabolism is a combined effect of several biochemical processes that occur in the body. These processes allow every individual component of the body to function and ensure all the functions are working properly.

The 3 Week Diet

In this video, we have listed some of the top foods that boost metabolism for a flat stomach. Continue watching in order to know about the foods that boost metabolism and burn belly fat.

1. Tamarind:
Tamarind is known to decrease the appetite and also burn body fat by controlling serotonin levels that take care of satiety and increased fat burning.

2. Turmeric:
Turmeric contains an active compound called curcumin that aids in weight loss and also effectively burns fat. This is one of the best foods that boosts metabolism and burns belly fat.

3. Tomato Juice:
Tomato juice is known to decrease inflammation and also burn the fat cells. It has also been found to increase adiponectin levels, which is a protein that helps burn fat.

4. Kale:
This vegetable helps in suppressing the appetite and also clears toxins from the body. A cleaner body means fewer cravings for sugar and fried foods.

5. Wild Salmon:
These contain omega-3 fatty acids that are known to improve insulin sensitivity and burn the fat from the waistline.

6. Broccoli:
Broccoli is known to stimulate an enzyme that commands the fat cells to burn fat. This is one of the top foods that boosts metabolism for a flat stomach.

7. Avocado:
These contain monounsaturated fats that pump up the cell membrane and trigger up the fat-burning hormones, thereby increasing the fat-burning rate.

8. Chia Seeds:
These are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and protein that help suppress the appetite, fire up the metabolism and turn on glucagon, which is a fat-burning hormone. These can be considered as one of the best foods to flatten stomach quickly and boost metabolism.

9. Oysters:
They are known to be dietary rich sources of zinc and help to decrease the appetite as well as the PMS-induced cravings in women.

10. Coconut Oil:
This is rich in medium-chained triglycerides that your body uses as energy, leaving them less opportunity to be stored as fat. This is one of the top foods that boosts metabolism for a flat stomach.

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The Secret To Lose weight, Fast, Abraham Hicks, Law Of Attraction

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The Secret To Lose weight, Fast, Abraham Hicks, Law Of Attraction
About Abraham Hicks:

According to Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham is a group of entities
that are “interpreted” by Esther Hicks. Abraham have described themselves as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension.” They have also said, “We are that which you are. You are the leading edge of that which we are. We are that which is at the heart of all religions.” Abraham has said through Esther that whenever one feels moments of great love, exhilaration, or pure joy, that is the energy of Source, and that is who Abraham “is”.

“Jerry and Esther never used the word channeling,” Abraham clarifies. “It is used when applied to them, but they have never used it, because it means many things of which they are not, you see.”

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