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Today I want to share with you all a very effective and self tested diet plan which can kill your 10Kgs weight in 15 days, you can loss upto 10Kgs, but I can commit you 10Kg.

Start your day with Bay leaf, or tej patta hot water, Tej patta burn fat and fight with PCOS, PCOD problem. I would recommend tej patta water only in winters.

For breakfast I would suggest eat 2 to 3 multi grain roti along with vegetable, below are the list of vegetable which you have to eat or not to eat.

*Petha (Pumpkin)
*Lauki, Giya (Bottle Gourd)
*Shimla Mirch (Capsicum)
*Green Beans
*Dhaniya (Coriender)
* Palak (Spinach)

*Any type Corn
*Bindi (Lady Finger)
*Baingan (Brinjal)
*Green Peas
* Gajar (Carrots)

You can choose vegetable according to above list, and can take tea or coffee according to your choice but without sugar, or you can use sugar free also.

AFTER 2 HOURS OF BREAKFAST:- Eat one KIWI and 2 slice of pineapple.

LUNCH:- For lunch I can give you 5 options
* Boil Ghiya
*Broccoli and Paneer salad
*Vegetable sandwich
*Cold coffee
checkout my below video for vegetable sandwich and smoothie recipe

For Vegetable sandwich:-

Smoothie:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGy29FyGnpo

The 3 Week Diet

Whenever you feel hungry, you can always eat Orange, Apple and Pomegranate seeds max by 7:00PM.

EVENING TEA:- Drink one big mug of Organic India Green tea you can take
* 4 to 5 almonds
* Roasted Channa
* Suji Toast (2)
*Digestive Biscuits.

DINNER- Only Papaya or 2 slice of Pineapple.

Still if you feel hungry, you can eat 4 to 5 almonds with 6 to 7 kishmis.

Try this diet and let me know review also, if you have any question related to diet plan feel free to ask and write an email on my email ID that is- sumanthareja1@gmail.com

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The 3 Week Diet System- Fast Diet Plan That Works!

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The 3 Week Diet

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