lose 10lbs in 2 weeks diet plan – Week 12 Weight LOSS: Lose 30 lbs in 3 Months!

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Losing weight can be considered a decrease process, and due to human being nature, when dieters don’t see instant results they can get discouraged, which frequently leads them to either quit to lose excess weight altogether or to start jumping from program to program – never offering any diet the time it needs to work.

Nutritionist/personal trainer Brian Flatt known this problem and created a fresh diet program that allows users to reduce 12-23 pounds in only 21 days. The scheduled program is named The 3 Week Diet.

“Now people can immediately see their improvement almost, so of growing discouraged instead, they become encouraged, and they devote even more energy with their diet,” said Flatt, who is also the owner of R.E.V. Fitness in Southern California. “Nothing promotes success like success.”

Flatt said the reason his program works so much faster than other diet programs is due to its focus on wearing down harmful triglycerides.

Flatt explained that when we consume, the fat we consume is broken down into essential fatty acids. These fatty acids are extremely small and they’re able to travel in and out of cell wall space to make themselves available as energy for your body. But, when those fatty acids can’t be used and we get ready to consume our next food, the remaining fatty acids are stored away inside our excess fat cells.

This is where the nagging problem begins. Those fatty acids that are being stored away match two other fatty acids and a glycerol molecule to generate what’s known as a triglyceride.

Triglycerides are extremely big, and because of their size aren’t able to exit the body fat cells like those free-flowing fatty acids can. As a total result, triglycerides become stubborn body fat that is so incredibly difficult to get rid of.

The 3 Week Diet

“But here’s finished .,” Flatt said. “Those triglycerides can be targeted, and they can be broken back down into those fatty acids that may be burnt by your body for energy. Actually, when we breakdown those triglycerides, it’s kind of like dumping rocket gas into the vehicle’s vehicle’s gas tank. Those divided triglycerides flood the body with a great source of energy it actually loves to burn off.”

Flatt designed The 3 Week Diet to not only breakdown existing triglycerides, but to prevent your body from forming new ones.

His program will a lot more to help dieters lose as much weight as it can be.

It corrects bad weight loss information that people receive on other plans.
It also provides dieters with a simple, easy-to-follow weight loss program. Studies have shown that difficult plans which include counting calorie consumption or extensive exercise programs simply don’t work because people don’t stick to them.
The end result – dieters have the ability to lose more weight in three weeks than they would in two to three a few months on another eating plan.

To learn much more about The 3 Week Diet, just click here. https://goo.gl/GnmwbY


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HOW I LOST 60 LBS IN 7 MONTHS: My Vegan Weight Loss Journey

I lost 60 lbs in 7 months without exercise or counting calories. I simply followed a plant-based diet and I have been able to keep that weight off. I did all of this while transitioning my young family of SIX to a plant-based lifestyle as well (including toddlers). Here, I show you how my vegan weight loss journey started and invite you to follow along as I start the next phase of my journey.


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The plant-based lifestyle isn’t just for young twenty-somethings with all the time and money in the world. REAL FAMILIES with multiple kids at multiple ages and a tight budget can do this. It just takes a bit of planning and research, just like with anything else that truly matters to you. We are living proof of that!

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