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Healthy Foods – Simple & Easy Tips For Losing Weight and Living A Balanced Life with Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods - Simple & Easy Tips For Losing Weight and Living A Balanced Life with Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods – Simple & Easy Tips For Losing Weight and Living A Balanced Life with Healthy Foods


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This will be a series for healthy foods, the different types, what’s good and bad, and what types of food to choose. The series is called Healthy Foods 101

Healthy Foods are always on our minds. In today’s busy world everyone seems to be getting more concerned with eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle while losing weight.

The 3 Week Diet

However what that means to each person varies in different degrees. Then you add in all of the many different diets out there on the market, exercise programs, fasting and juicing and the feeling of being overwhelm can quickly bury you. Is it really that difficult? Should it really be this hard?

The short and right answer is No. Living healthy is as simple as making healthy decisions about what types of food you desire. Placing restrictions on the types of foods you eat often makes it difficult to stick to it and often removes the variety that keeps our taste buds guessing.

Our world is full of healthy and awesome tasting foods and with little effort you can make meals every day of the week that are exciting, diverse and taste great. Its all about finding the right types of foods and then mixing and blending them together to your own satisfaction. Whether its a healthy breakfast, a healthy lunch,healthy dinner or maybe even healthy snacks, you should always be focused on staying on the healthy side of the spectrum as much as you can.

If you want to eat more healthy, thus live more healthy, then you only need to make sure you always eat as many vegetables as you can daily. I always throw in a side salad with my meals. Its quick fast and very good for you. Stick to lean meats, fish and nuts and healthy vegetables. Clean Eating. Mix and match them however you like. Does this mean you can not have your favorite pasta with your meals. No, not at all. However often, the portion of pasta to the other healthy food is disproportion thus not giving you all of the energy boosting nutrients you need. Your healthy foods will also provide to be the best fat burning foods.

Now here’s the secret, you do not have to know a great deal about the different types of food but you can feel what is good for you and what isn’t. It’s is a gift that we all have that we often never pay attention to. So next time you are in the supermarket and you pick up something and your intuition or gut tells you, “I really shouldn’t be eating this”. Simply put it back and keep walking. I guarantee you something else you will pass will also look good and feel right to eat.

At the end of the day, just remember to have fun with it. That is what we are on this earth to do. Enjoy yourselves, enjoy your lives and enjoy either other. Remove the clutter and confusion and keep it simple.

Good Luck on your venture into a healthier lifestyle and remember to find appreciation and happiness in everything you do! Be Awesome Today!

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