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After you quit sugar, what is the next step?

How to lose weight fast and easy at home.
In most of my diet advice videos I talk about how bad sugar is for you. In fact a while back, I came out with video called “How to lose weight fast – THE FIST BABY STEP”.
Through BeerBiceps, I’m trying to give INDIAN viewers a step by step guide on how to move towards a better and HEALTHIER lifestyle. But more superficially, I’m trying to make India a country full of beach bodies.
The first step towards a leaner body is quitting sugar and dessert. But what after that? Do you give up fried food? Do you give up fruit? Do you increase protein? The answer lies in selection of carbohydrates. So are carbs good or bad? There’s a deep science behind answering that question. I’ve made a video on that as well. But essentially, you need to know that simple carbs (High on the GI scale) are atrocious for you in terms of fat loss. You want a diet to lose weight fast? Quit sugar (obviously), but the next step is to quit simple, high glycaemic index carbohydrates. This rule applies to men, women and even teenagers & kids. The diet for quick weight loss is here to be explained. Enjoy all my Indian weight loss seekers!

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