Full Day of Eating on A Cut // Fat Burning Circuit

Along with the proper diet this circuit will help you burn unwanted fat. It will burn fat in your arms, chest, legs, stomach and back but you cannot spot train a specific area. Everyone is different with where they lose/gain fat first. From what I have learned there is no way to lose fat in only one are and nowhere else. Stay consistent in the gym and kitchen and you will be able to reach the fat loss goals you have set for yourself.

The 3 Week Diet

10 Box Jumps
10 Burpees
10 Hops ( Over a bench, ball or whatever you have)
20 Toe Taps
Rest 30 Seconds-1 Minute
Complete the circuit a total of 6 times. Alternating with the circuit and the rest. Make sure you are giving it your all when performing the high intensity intervals.
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