how to lose belly fat / belly exercise in urdu

How to get a flat stomach

In the present time teenagers and even children are overweight. For this reason, we reveal here 3 tips on how to get a flat stomach in a moth, which can break down any fat from the belly.

Reduce belly fat by calorie restriction:

The decisive factor in the successful belly fat loss is to pay attention to the necessary reduction in calories. More specifically, this means that you should burn more calories on the daily bases. An average adult man burns about 3000 kcal per day. A woman, however on average about 2000 calories . Sports activities deliver increased calorie consumption and also stimulate the metabolism. To reduce fat and get a flat stomach, calorie reduction is therefore essential.

Eat food rich in high protein:

The 3 Week Diet

The human organism requires 3 different basic nutrients. These are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. With 37 kJ (9 kca

l) per gram fats have the highest energy content. Corresponding proteins and carbohydrates contain 17 kJ (4 kcal) per gram

In any case, make sure that an ample supply of protein need to the body to maintain your metabolism and to counter the loss of muscle mass. Per kilogram of body weight, the protein intake should be about one to two grams. In order to reduce unhealthy and unwanted

fat on the belly and not the abdominal muscles.

Reducing belly fat using abdominal muscle training and aerobic exercise:

As indicated above, calories are burned through sporting activities. On belly fat reduction and aerobic exercises are the best.

How To Lose Weight F ast Without Exercise In 2 Weeks || Lose Weight Fast Tips Naturally

How To Lose Weight F ast Without Exercise In 2 Weeks || Lose Weight Fast Tips Naturally

I am going to tell you how you can lose weight fast at home without exercise naturally in 1 or 2 weeks.

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