How to lose weight just by drinking WATER. Life’s free fat burner?

Hacking fitness: How to lose weight just by drinking WATER. Life’s free fat burner? Top 2 ways over SCARY military diet and “Magic weight loss pills” Yeah right. Easy, effective and free fat loss method.

Military diet:
Remember, I don’t recommend this diet.

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Method 1: (01:01) Losing water weight
Method 2: (02:12) Boosting your metabolism

Todays fitness hack: Lose weight by drinking water! I’m sure you already know water is healthy and you should drink 8 glasses a day. But did you know water can make you lose FAT?

People are always trying to lose weight. Always taking “Magic weight loss pills” side effects may include nausea dizziness vomiting and probably death.

OR people try crazy ass diets Like the military diet that things insane.

You can lose up to 10 pounds, or 4,5 kg’s in 1 week! If you want to starve yourself just to lose weight then cool but I would not recommend it. Tried it once and never again. Check the link in the description, for interest sake only. Don’t try it. Really, don’t. Seriously, don’t go there.

Here’s how to lose weight just by drinking water

SO there’s 2 ways water can make you lose weight.
1) Losing water weight. (01:01)

Drink water to lose water. I know, sounds crazy but the more you drink the more you lose.
So heres why it works: You are kinda like a camel.
Your body holds onto water so provide for times when you aren’t drinking any. So the less you drink, the more you onto. Starting to make a bit more sense now?

As you start drinking more water, your body starts letting go of the water it’s been holding. Your body is clever. When your body is getting more water than it needs, it has no need to store water like our friend. Your body knows that it’s going to get lots of water tomorrow, so no need to store it today.

The 3 Week Diet

I once lost 3 kg’s in 2 days by drinking 10 litres of water a day. That was just to test and see how well it works. but I would recommend drinking 2-3 litres a day, but not just all at once.
If you want to boost the results from this method, reduce your sodium intake.

2) Boosting your metabolism (02:12)
This means your body will be processing food faster. When your metabolism speeds up, you lose weight.

But how can water speed up my metabolism? Here’s how:

As SOON as you wake up, go to the fridge and DRINK 750mls (About 2-3 glasses) of ICE cold water. Then wait about a hour before you eat breakfast.

This works because, when you sleep your metabolism becomes dormant. It has no food to process so it just chills out and waits for you to eat again.

But, your metabolism is kind of like an old car. It takes a while to kick in gear.

If the first thing that hits your stomach is bacon and eggs, your metabolism is like whoa, I’m not ready for this. Then it slowly starts digesting your food.

If the first thing that hits your stomach is a whole bunch of ice cold water, your metabolism is like YEEEAAAHHH time to wake UP!

This kick starts your metabolism, and by the time you eat your first meal, your body is revved up and ready to shred those nutrients apart!

So, there you go. 2 ways water can make you lose weight.

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How to lose weight just by drinking WATER. Life’s free fat burner?
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