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The 3 Week Diet

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Tune in to find out what outfits Joey chooses for different workout sessions at the gym, a yoga class, running outdoors as well as some stylish casual gear.
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Healthy Sugarless Protein Ice Cream For Weight Loss and Bodybuilding

Are you looking for a healthy Ice Cream substitute? Then you are in luck.

This is an instructional video of a sugarless/ sugar free (no added sugar) ice cream made from banana, protein powder, cashew & almond nuts, vanilla extract and cinnamon powder. Sugar was not used as an ingredient. This makes the perfect dessert to sooth your sweet tooth cravings no matter who you are or what limitations you are facing.

The 3 Week Diet

This dessert goes well with any weightloss program. The sweetness found in this ice cream is merely natural sugars from the banana and that from the protein powder. However, this makes a healthier substitute for conventional ice cream.

Additionally, this ice cream option goes well with bodybuilding programs. It is way cleaner than other ice creams; facilitating clean bulking and due to the fact that no sugar was added, means that it goes well with cutting diets. Finally, due to its protein content, this ice cream recipe should definitely be considered when browsing food or dessert options to throw in a cheat meal.