Our Weight Loss Health Program

Our Weight Loss Health Program

Call (916) 226-1350 http://weightlosshealthprograms.com for A Weight Loss Program that works. Choose Optimal Health and Lose your weight quickly, safely and for good without those “fad” diets.

Suppose you could have a personal guide and mentor, someone to urge you on toward the finish line, applauding your efforts and offering encouragement, wisdom, and support. You can.

Suppose you could have a nutrition plan that includes delicious, medically formulated meal replacements of every variety as well as your own lean, healthy meals, all designed to keep you full and satisfied while you lose weight. You can.

Suppose you could have a guide to making good habits a part of your everyday life so that choosing the healthy solution becomes a routine that feels as natural as breathing. You can.

When it comes to turning healthy behaviors into habits, a Health Coach makes all the difference. Scientific research shows that having support improves your chances of getting–and staying–healthy.

For individuals struggling to control the quantity and quality of their foods, meal replacements are an ideal alternative to cooking or dining out. And balanced, fortified, delicious meal replacements are safe and satisfying, especially when supplemented with a daily meal of lean meats and green vegetables.

Making a habit of something that’s good for you is what the Habits of Health System is all about. Developed by Dr. Wayne Andersen, a board-certified critical care physician and author, the system features Dr. A’s Habits of Health which has sold over half a million copies and his latest book, Discover Your Optimal Health, which is a New York Times Best Seller.


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Post Your Entry Videos!!! Commit To Be Fit Weight Loss Contest!!!

Hey guys it’s time to post your entry videos!!! Say your name, height, where your from and your weight!!!
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April 8th Entry video
May 23rd halfway mark make a progress video
July 7th submit your final results video

Today is Day 24 of my weight loss transformation and I weighed in at 169.6 lbs.

Today is hump day! I’ll be taking a rest from working out today and let my body rest and recover. How often do you take rest days? Do you give your body enough time each week to recover? Exercise and eating right is only part of the equation, proper rest plays a big role in getting to your fitness goals.

Comment, like and subscribe to my channel to follow my weight loss journey and see if I can transform my belly into something better. If you have been trying to lose weight, don’t know how or when to start, or just want to see me succeed or fail first, then subscribe to my channel!

Stay tuned…

Day 1: 175.4 lbs http://youtu.be/A55aMKsd-3s
Day 2: 175.0 lbs http://youtu.be/UC2PVtNen7k
Day 3: 173.4 lbs http://youtu.be/lwzi-cvEjDk
Day 4: 175.8 lbs http://youtu.be/C3HY5lVIork
Day 5: 175.2 lbs http://youtu.be/P7nrESCYgDo
Day 6: 173.0 lbs http://youtu.be/qnk-sUkmu0A
Day 8: 173.4 lbs http://youtu.be/WXW2vjWVM7U
Day 9: 174.8 lbs http://youtu.be/nmFRInkyfNI
Day 10: 173.6 lbs http://youtu.be/Pr1-D8q0uSY
Day 11: 173.2 lbs http://youtu.be/2ZsIIHR_XFo
Day 12: 172.4 lbs http://youtu.be/BMQhpQFPzew
Day 13: 174.2 lbs http://youtu.be/0itnaZW7uIw
Day 16: 176.6 lbs http://youtu.be/KkAANOK6sKQ
Day 17: 172.8 lbs http://youtu.be/qbUN9VT2Gx0
Day 18: 173.2 lbs http://youtu.be/B5U243P-dyE
Day 19: 172.0 lbs http://youtu.be/ZAKMv14D88M
Day 22: 168.6 lbs http://youtu.be/AE_FrfwmoDQ
Day 23: 169.0 lbs http://youtu.be/vUvpMknninM
Day 24: 169.6 lbs
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