Top 10 Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Whether male or female, belly fat is in no way attractive. Most people that have belly fat will tell you that they forever struggle to lose that fat. According to research, this fat is particular dangerous as it puts one at risk of conditions such as diabetes, heart attack and obesity. These are diseases that have been shown to shorten the lifespan of most people today. I really don’t think I need to mention how it tampers with every outfit you wear. There is thus need to have it in check and f it already exists, take measures to get rid of it. Some tips you can use to lose belly fat include:
10. Avoid Sugar and Junk
9. Cut Your Carbohydrates Intake
8. Take A High Fiber Diet Often
7. Engage in Regular Exercise
6. Take In More Proteins
5. Reduce the Size of the plate
4. Avoid Skipping Meals
3. Drink Water Before Meals
2. Learn to Cope With Stress
1. Always Stay Motivated

Slim Tea India

Slim Tea India

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a quick video of my take on the super slim cigs by benson and hedges, just got them and i thought i would review them and give my opinion for ya’ll!