Shape Up for Summer: Ultimate Diet Plan for Weight Loss

How to turbocharge your weight loss plan? Watch out shape up for summer with the ultimate healthy diet plan that will help you to get toned in record time.

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Dell Becker is a health, weight loss and wellness consultant at Consumer Health Digest. He offers diet advice for effective weight loss. According to Dell, if you follow a weight loss daily plan from now, when summer comes, it will help you to achieve the much-desired weight loss goal.

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Note: This video is a part of joint collaboration between Dell Becker and Consumer Health Digest.

Video Transcript:-

Hello Guys,

My name is Dell Becker and today I’m going to talk about weight loss, a subject which concerns a lot of people, men and women alike. With summer just around the corner, it seems natural to be interested in shaping up and losing all that extra fat accumulated during the cold season.

Weight loss is not a simple matter, especially since there are so many temptations surrounding us. With a plan and clear goals to achieve, summer will arrive and you will still battle those extra pounds. On the other hand, if you begin following a weight loss daily plan from now, when summer comes, you will definitely be prepared to show your bikini body.

Here is what you should know about the weight loss daily plan:
Breakfast – do not skip breakfast, as this will only lead to more weight gain. Instead, keep the meal under 300 calories per serving. Recommended choices for breakfast include: peanut butter served on apple slices, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, fresh fruit smoothies and Greek yoghurt.
Lunch – at lunch you are allowed to consume around 400 calories per serving. Recommended choices for lunch include: veggie burger, whole wheat bread with turkey and avocado, tomato soup, grilled shrimp or tuna wraps. Avoid deep fried foods, as these are highly caloric.
Dinner – dinner is the best, as you are allowed to eat 500 calories per serving. Recommended choices for dinner include: lean sirloin steak, salmon with asparagus, chicken stir-fry, Portobello burgers and tuna steak. Avoid eating too much bread in the evening, as it will interfere with your diet.
Snacks – you are allowed to eat two snacks per day, each under 150 calories per serving. Recommended choice: fresh fruit, pistachios, Greek yoghurt, sliced veggies and popcorn.
Beverages – water, tea and unsweetened coffee are allowed. Avoid sodas and fruit drinks, as they are rich in sugar.

This is a full-day diet plan that is easy to follow, helping you achieve the much-desired weight goal. For more information on diets and weight loss, follow

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