Yogic Chart For Sex – Yoga Poses, Treatment, Diet Tips & Cure in Tamil

Yogic Chart For Sex - Yoga Poses, Treatment, Diet Tips & Cure in Tamil

It is important to have a good sex life as it releases energies and revitalizes you with the required strength to carry on in life. Yoga poses helps you to get flexibility and improve sex life and a yogic chart for sex guides you through the various asanas and poses which enable you to enjoy your sexual life.

Let us see which yoga poses help to improve sex life.

Ardha Matsyendrasana :

This yoga pose helps to keep all problems related to the heart at bay.
It also adds beauty and increase the life span.
It is good for the digestive system.
It cures you of constipation and should be done ten times.

Viprit Karni mudra :

The Viprit Karni mudra increases the flow of blood to the brain.
It helps in increasing memory and also reduces stress.
This too keep the skin glowing and the asana is performed thrice.

Halasana :

The 3 Week Diet

This brings down the fat in the abdomen and the waist.
It gives a shine to the face and is good for those having thyroid and menstrual problems.
This is performed three times.

Ustasana :

This is a yoga pose that improves circulation to the brain.
It cures pain in the cervix and also gives strength to the abdomen.
The muscles in the thigh and the knee joints are strengthened.
It is usually done twice

Suryanamaskar :

It improves blood circulation
Takes care of the heart
Maintains the digestive system and also the endocrine glands.
It is performed ten times.

Pranayama :

This calms the mind and keeps the system clean.
Revitalises inner energies
soothes tired nerves
this is usually done twice.

Thus, it is seen that there are many yoga poses which help to improve sex life maintain better sex and help you to follow a yogic chart for sex.
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