Best Tips to Lose Weight | Stay Healthy and Motivated | Fitness Advice

Best Tips to Lose Weight | Stay Healthy and Motivated | Fitness Advice

Best Tips to Stay Healthy and Inspired | Fitness Advice

To inspire to be great is whether or not you choose to be great or choose not to be. There is no try. Use my tips to help you on your way.

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-In case I didn’t talk loud enough-

Here is what was said….

The 3 Week Diet

Hey Youtube, I’m nathen mixon and in this video I’m going to give you some tips that has inspired me to push myself into a greatness attitude. It may help you too.

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Stay Healthy
Stay hydrated by drinking water on a consistent basis.
-Wake Up Drank
-Workout Drank
-Sit down Drank
-Faded Drank

You can’t make moves standing still.
-Boost your energy levels with daily exercises
-30 minutes a day or just 4% of your 24 hours can be dedicated to a healthier you.
-Taking that time out of your day can greatly improve your mood and relieve unwanted stress

If you tired be quiet and go to sleep
-You follow me on snapchat, it would seem I never sleep. Believe it or not I do find the time.
-How do you think I have enough energy to do the things I do to help bring happiness to my life
-In the words of my mom when me and my brother was up late being bad. Take y’all asses to sleep

Make A Plan
Set daily task, at least 3
-before you go to bed make a to do list and adhere to it. Try to accomplish each task within your daily routine
-develop a 50/10 rule: What’s important to you. It could be studying for a test, reading a good book or spending time with loved ones. Whatever it is, devote 50 minutes to it then take a 10 minute break. This will stop you from burning out.
-Reflect on a Daily Basis: In the Army we do an AAR or an After Action review for team evaluation, In your case self evaluation. Pick out 3 significant things that went well figure out how to maintain that. Pick out 3 things you want to improve and figure out ways to do it for the next go around. This should take about 10 minutes.

Focus on what makes you happy

Expressing your gratitude can go a long way
-find 5-10 things you are grateful for every morning- It could be as easy as getting up on time for work. anyway gratitude promotes happiness. Make sure you create it.
-Clean your desk or house. A clean workstation can give you energy and inspiration. It also lets you focus on work that needs to be done. Me myself I can’t work in filth. Don’t be nasty, clean that shit up
-Indulge on your favorite activities: Set time aside to do what you love to do whether its going to the gym, playing with your pet, or watching me on youtube: subscribe

I hope these tips help you get inspired to be great! If you have tip that I missed out on leave them in the comment box below and let people know what inspires you.
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  1. These tips are awesome. 😊 one of my important tips stay and play with the 😍family😍 ((♡☆▪do the everything especially playing we love to do it together▪☆♡)) THANK YOU FOR SHOWING AND SHARING .😊😉 HAVE A GREAT DAY.BY THE WAY ALSO TO WATCH YOUR VIDEOS😉😉

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