Tony Robbins Diet Plan – It Will Change Your Life – Tony Robbins Diet Plan

Tony Robbins diet plan changed my life. About 8 years ago I went to a Tony Robbins UPW seminar and the last day was about eating healthy and exercising. I was 30 lbs over weight and was taking prescribed medicine for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Tony Robbins diet plan consists of keeping your body in a slightly akaline state. At one time he didn’t eat anything with eyes. His wife did get him to finally eat fish along with salads, fresh vegetables and fruit. I make a green smoothie for breakfast almost every day. I do like chicken which I added to the fish, salads, vegetables and fruit I eat. In about year I lost 30 pounds and have kept it off. I go to a yoga class 3 times a week as well as ride a stationary bike and use a treadmill. I no longer take the prescribed medications.

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The 3 Week Diet

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