Stop food Cravings : lose weight with tapping technique EFT

The 3 Week Diet

How to stop food cravings and lose weight with tapping technique EFT
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So what is EFT
Emotional Freedom Technique…… EFT is a gentle tapping technique….. Where you tap on specific points on the body….. While you tune into an issue that has being causing a disturbance in the bodies energy system …… this disturbance is called negative emotions…. Negative meaning something uncomfortable and emotion meaning energy in motion ……. so by tapping these points that are derived from the ancient art of Acupuncture and acupressure…..while tuned into a past emotional issue balance in the energy system can be restored bringing with it relief from physical and psychological problems .
The Exercises and Sessions may seem simple with errors in Grammar, but you are communicating with your unconscious / subconscious mind and the language of this part of your mind is very literal and processes information differently than you do rationally with your conscious thinking. There are elements of Hypnotic language, EFT, and NLP intertwined in this work just like a personal therapy session, so it is not necessary to understand how it works just that it works. Not many people know how electricity lights a light bulb they just accept and enjoy the response the bulb gets from the electricity.
You are the most important person in your life and the more positive changes you gain will reflect like a bright light many times on those you care for I have seen this so many times , because if you do the same old thing you will get the same result .
Make a little time to practice this regularly and watch your life change around you, practice doing these exercises like you would regularly take prescribed medication by your GP, like the medication when you take the prescribed dosage for the time prescribed you get a positive change. Do the same with these exercises once a day for 28 days and let me know all the positive results you have had

weight loss tips دو پتے

weight loss  tips دو پتے

weight loss
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I’ve spoken a couple times about how i suffer from SAD (seasonal depression) in the winter time, i thought i would do a video on how i stay happy and positive in the winter so here it is 🙂 I also discuss my Lumie Light which i love, weight loss tips and how self acceptance and self love are really at the route of all happiness.

If you feel you need someone to talk too, the Samaritans are always there to help and only a phone call away

The 3 Week Diet

Unfortunately i cant find the article i read about the benefits of fennel and liquorice tea for winter blues, but this article explains what else its good for (stress included) so hope that helps

If i find the original article ill let you know 🙂

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